Mary Moon
As an artist by vocation and education she has been involved in various art projects both in Armenia and abroad since 1994. During her professional career she has participated in multiple art exhibitions, trainings and workshops of various scale. In addition to her professional talents as an artist, she also has a strong background in art project planning and management. During 20+ years of work in art industry she has successfully planned and carried out over 30 projects. 1998- 2004 Yerevan State Academy of Fine Art, diploma 2007-up to now VisualGap virtual gallery space, founder and curator 2011-up to now VisualGap physical Gallery space, founder and curator 2012 Artist in Residence, invited by BMUKK (Austrian Federal Ministry of Education, Art and Culture), Vienna, Austria 2017 Cofounder of the Garage art and techno house, developer of the art department, Yerevan, Armenia Selected Solo Exhibitions / Projects 2007 Utopian Mapping, The Club, Yerevan, Armenia 2011 Reality is Beautiful, Modern Art Museum, Yerevan, Armenia 2014 Presentation of the VisualGapGallery, St. Grigor Lusavorich church, Nersesian hall, Kinaliada, Istanbul, Turkey 2014 Through Turbulence, VisualGapGallery in collaboration with Dalan Art Gallery, Yerevan, Armenia 2015 Reality is Beautiful, G-Art gallery, Depo gallery, Istanbul, Turkey 2017 Waterlandcity, RH+art project gallery, Istanbul, Turkey 2017 Lubeck Yerevan Kassel, Art +X in German Embassy, Yerevan, Armenia 2018 Between resonances, Tchaikovsky hall, Hamburg, Germany 2018 Fragile, 2025 Kunst und Kulture, Hamburg, Germany Selected Group Exhibitions 2006 “Give(a)way” 30th annual, 6th biennale exhibition of visual+art, Limerick, Ireland 2009 Watch the Gap, InteriorDAsein gallery, Berlin, Germany 2011 View to the East, International Exhibition, GIZ, Eschborn, Germany 2012 “The Future and Reality of Art”, Beijing International 5th Art Biennale, China, Beijing, China 2014 International Art Exhibition, Art Suites Gallery, Bodrum, Turkey 2015 Fine tuned and multiple, Kuad gallery, Istanbul, Turkey 2017 Reconsidering Nature, Gafesjian Center for the Arts, Yerevan; Down-Shift, Hype Pop Up Gallery, Yerevan, Armenia