Zara Manucharyan
She flies over and out the paper boundaries, of thick and everlasting whiteness, merges and melts forms, spreads hues in overlaying coats of unending depth, breaks the inks evenness scratching and tearing the surfaces, coins relieves in exclusive monotypes or pluralize her aesthetic concept in slight printed variations. Caught among the essences of two hugely spiritualized worlds, travels continuously from the large opaque shadowed hell to a paradise of naive simplicity, diaphanous and transparent. Gerardo Fontanes Peres 1995 Yerevan State Academy of Fine Arts, diploma 1995 “Kobalt” Frauen-Kunst-und-Medien e.V. Humburg, member 1998 “Kobalt’’ Union, Yerevan, Armenia, vice-president 1998 Artists’ Union of Armenia, member 2001 Academy of Art, Art Management, Marketing and Fundraising, Salzburg, Austria, diploma Selected Solo Exhibitions 2004 “Academy” Gallery, Yerevan, Armenia 2007 Road to Bodhisattva, Arakyan Art Gallery, Yerevan, Armenia 2009 Bruun-Rasmussen Auction, Copenhagen, Denmark 2012 Armenian shapes, Hilton Hotel, Sofia, Bulgaria; Galleria Mall, Plovdiv, Bulgaria 2016 Modern Art Museum of Yerevan, Armenia Selected Group Exhibitions / Projects 1997 “The Crossroad”, performance, team-work with German women artists, Yerevan, Armenia 1998 Conceptual Exhibition: Text, Yerevan, Armenia 2003 Art-domain Gallery, Mallorca, Spain 2004 Weefhuis Gallery, Nederlands 2005 Premio Acqui, 7th International Biennale of Engraving, Italy; Bel-Air Fine Art Gallery, Geneve, Switzerland 2006 Sant-Hubert Gallery, Lyons, France; Ararat Gallery, Moscow, Russia; Art Director of the International Symposium “Art, Time, Space”, Yerevan, Armenia 2013 Bulgarian Pavilion at Innsbruck Art Fair, Austria 2017 National Gallery of Kiev, Ukraine 2018 Art Expo, Modern Art Museum of Yerevan, Armenia