Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Armenia
The Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Armenia welcomes the "International Contemporary Art Exhibition: Armenia 2018 (ICAE2018) which is sure to have an impact on the image of the Country and the development of the contemporary art in Armenia. In the framework of ICAE2018, the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Armenia knowledgeable of the involvement of artist coming from over 25 countries as well as the importance of the artworks involved loaned by some of the leading galleries and private collectors in Europe is proud to support Shaula International LLC in the organization of the event that will be held in seven different locations around the city center of Yerevan.
Ministry of Cultural Heritage and Activities of Italy
Government of Canada
The Embassy of Canada with accreditation in Armenia welcomes the project of Shaula International LLC of organizing "International Contemporary Art Exhibition: Armenia 2018". The Embassy of Canada is very active in Armenia, including in the cultural sphere, and believes that this initiative will bring positive benefits and international exposure to the Country and its artists, expecially as Armenia prepares to host the Francophonie Summit in October. We are proud to associate ourselves to this international event and to support ICAE2018.
Le Gouvernement du Québec
Le gouvernement du Québec est fier de s’associer à Shaula International LLC pour l’organisation de l’Exposition internationale d’art contemporain (ICEA 2018), qui se tiendra à Erevan, en Arménie, du 25 septembre au 25 octobre prochain, en marge du XVIIe Sommet de la Francophonie Nous saluons la participation d’artistes québécois et sommes fiers de contribuer à cette démarche par un soutien au collectif BGL. Nous sommes convaincus du rayonnement qu’aura cet événement dans la sphère culturelle arménienne et internationale.
Italian Embassy to Armenia
"Vivere all'Italiana" is the innovative strategy of integrated promotion of Italy abroad by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The promotion of Italian culture in the world is a strategic component of the foreign policy of a committed country, such as ours, to foster dialogue, innovation and social and economic growth. And with the evocative name of "Vivere all'Italiana" we want to underline the intent of combining beauty and poetry with every dimension of living, creating and producing. Vivere all'Italiana is proud to support the International Contemporary Art Exhibition: Armenia 2018.