Suardi JSC Armenian Branch welcomes "International Contemporary Art Exhibition: Armenia 2018", held by Shaula International LLC, as one that will certainly have a strong international impact in terms of visibility and awareness on the image of Armenia, as well as the development of the contemporary art in the Country. In the framework of ICAE2018 we are proud to be engaged in supporting Shaula International LLC in their social initiative to renovate the Hay Art Cultural Center in occasion of the Exhibition and of Yerevan 2800th Anniversary. We think that ICAE2018 will become on of the most important cultural events of the year and Suardi JSC Armenian Branch is honored to be a main supporter of it.
Arternativa Srl was founded in 2005 from an idea of Maurizio Palatresi who initially collaborated with the leading and most established companies in the packaging and transport in fine arts industry, in several museums and exhibition installations. When he realizes that there are possibilities to create a new reality, he incorporated Arternativa Srl. Arternativa Srl is a young company, but composed of people who have gained a lot of experience in the field with a know-how obtained from previous work experience, and this allows the company to promptly respond to any request or need arise. Through targeted investments, the company evolves into the reality that everyone today knows and that continues to grow. Arternativa Srl has become a leading company able to satisfy any request not only in the national field but as well very active internationally; In fact, Arternativa Srl manages shipments of entire collections all over the world. Arternativa is supporting the International Contemporary Art Exhibition: Armenia 2018 (ICAE2018) and it is the official transport company of the exhibition.
iSOLUTIONS LLC welcomes the International Contemporary Art Exhibition: Armenia 2018 as an international event which will have a very important impact on the development of contemporary art in Armenia. Having included all the different aspects of contemporary art, iSOLUTIONS LLC is happy to contribute to the success of ICAE2018 supporting as a technical partner.
Winewworks CJSC is happy to support and welcome International Contemporary Art Exhibition: Armenia 2018 (ICAE2018) as one of the most important events in the cultural and artistic sphere ever done in Armenia. We are please to be a part of this cooperation and are looking forward to our parternship.
Best Western Congress Hotel is honored to welcome "International Contemporary Art Exhibition: Armenia 2018" that is held by Shaula International LLC, as undoubtedly it is going to give a positive move to the state of contemporary art of Armenia and its development as well as raise the image of the country. Thanks to the professional team, talented participants and various genres introduced, ICAE2018 pretends to become one of the most important cultural events of the year allowing the guests to acknowledge worldwide trends of contemporary art and experience it firsthand.
Tufenkian Heritage Hotels in Armenia are the first local chain of luxurious boutique hotels and traditional restaurants. The company was established in 2001 by James Tufenkian. Tufenkian Heritage Hotels welcomes "International Contemporary Art Exhibition: Armenia 2018", implemented with "Shaula International" LLC. The project will have a very important impact on the image of Armenia to promote the country as an attractive investment destination. Thanks to the Project's wide-ranging program that includes different types of art, along with various cultural events.
NGO "Armenian Erudite Youth" has an experience of cultural, educational, touristic projects for 15 years. We cordially accept the Shaula International LLC initiative on this unprecedented event in Armenia, which is forthcoming "International Contemporary Art Exhibition: Armenia 2018". We support the Shaula International LLC on the above mentioned project. We welcome and encourage the idea of bringing such an important event to Armenia, as this will become a perfect opportunity for our country to accumulate both artistic potential and touristic flow to Armenia. Moreover, it will empower economic relations and, possibly, attract investments and create contacts between Armenian and international art community.