Artists Union of Armenia
The life of the largest Armenian creative union has spanned between two stages։ Soviet period (1932-1990) and after obtaining independent statehood in1991 to nowadays. On April 23 1932, following the decision by the Central Committee, all the literary and artistic organizations were dissolved in all the republics and provinces of the Soviet Union, and instead unions for Soviet writers, architects, composers and artists were founded. The same year, on May 9, following Moscow’s example, Central Committee decided to rebuild the life of literary and artistic organizations of the republic. On June 10 during the first general meeting with Armenian artists, a resolution has been made for the establishment of a Union.Thus, the Artists’ Union of Armenia was founded on June 10 1932. Through the efforts of Artists Union of Armenia, the National Assembly of RA accepted the law on free export of fine arts. In 2005, the dismantlement of the old exhibition halls, construction of new exhibition halls, and the renovation of the administrative building according to modern requirements started in Artists Union of Armenia. As a result, the area of exhibition hall increased by 165 square meters and the administrative building by300 square meters. In the exhibition halls of the Artists’ Union of Armenia around 40-50 public, group and individual exhibitions are being organized annually. Union is a part of the country's life. For example, in 2016 after a four-day war, a charity exhibitionwas organized. In 1935, the House of Armenian Artists was founded in Yerevan, which has been operating in the current administrative building since December 1960 and has been renamed to the Artist's Union. Many individual, group, public and international exhibitions are organized here, catalogues are published, and main jubilees of prominentsArmenian artists such as Eghishe Tadevosyan (1938), Panos Terlemezyan (1941), Hovhannes Ayvazovski are celebrated here.
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