Julia Krahn
Born in Jülich, Germany 1978. Lives and works in Milan, Italy. Julia Krahn left the medical department of the Albert Ludwig University Freiburg (Germany) in 2000 and moved to Milan. The artist research reflects upon lost and unbalanced values in society, family and religion up to pointing her camera on images that recalls Christian icons. She creates images that underline the contrast with traditional symbols and works on the inner conflicts staging pairs of opposites, at times making self-portraits with the automatic shutter release using her own body. In Krahn’s work importance is equally given to image and format on a range of work that is developed on different scales and supports creating an overall feeling that, from time to time, drives the observer in new perceptions of the image. Her giant wallpapers with all the strength of an image without supports, glass or frames overbear the observer, physically overlook him, acquiring pictorial features that like big frescos breaks the distance between the observer and the ambient. At the same time the artist combines the space with small unique pieces as the metal frame cameos which to the contrary of the wallpapers set up a face to face dialogue with the viewer involving him with the preciousness of the object and of its perception. She has had several exhibitions in galleries and museums across Europe and abroad, including Palazzo delle Esposizioni in Rome (Italy), Landesmuseum und Sprengelmuseum Hannover (Germany), Museo Castelvecchio in Verona (Italy), Fondazione Bevilacqua La Masa at Venice (Italy), Museo Diocesano Milano (Italy), Fondazione Stelline at Milano (Italy), Kultum und Grazmuseum in Graz (Austria), Dokumentahalle Kassel (Germany), Baumwollspinnerei Leipzig (Germany), Stiftung St.Matthäus in Berlin (Germany). juliakrahn.com Photo by Mayra Troncoso. Image courtesy of the artist