The project "Open Sounds of Contemporary Art" realized through an open call with online application, which was followed by a careful selection by the curators, embodies idea of open (free) voices of contemporary artists.

The exhibition has brought together Armenian and foreign artists of utterly different cultural developments and perceptions. Their actually different principles and thinking encircled in the same versatile outline, form an artistic atmosphere of free coexistence and dialogue. Avoiding traditional separation of types and styles, the cultural concept of the exhibition makes the art of the recent 30 years, which, objectively, reveals the new artistic means and possibilities of world outlook that has appeared in art conditioned by both historical and artistic changes. Characterized by diversity of traditional and alternative developments of means and methods, it embraces transformations and main trends of the recent decades. The variety of genres and ideological, aesthetic and perceptive diversity and contrast, dialogue and interaction of different mentalities make the conceptual basis of the exhibition. The project includes almost all fine art types: painting, unique graphics, sculpture, as well as exclusive items of decorative-applied art, art photography, and installation among others etc.